Series 7 - Donald McLean's official papers

This series comprises the working papers McLean created and kept as part of his official duties. It includes official correspondence, reports, draft speech and report notes.

The papers are organised into files relating to the various official positions McLean held. These cover his work as a Sub-Protector in Taranaki, Police Magistrate, Land Purchase Commissioner, Native Secretary, Superintendent of Hawke's Bay Province, Government Agent for the East Coast, and as Minister in charge of Native Affairs and of Defence.

There are also more general background papers that McLean received as a Member of the House of Representatives.

Many of the papers are drafts or working notes. Some documents are incomplete. Despite that they include much that provides unique evidence of McLean's official activities and his thinking about Government policy.

Turnbull Library staff transcribed some of the correspondence and other papers within this series in the early 1950s. Where available, these transcriptions are reproduced alongside the digitised image, and can be keyword searched. Please note that these transcriptions are of draft quality and words are sometimes inaccurately transcribed.

There are 3,737 items in this series, of which 758 have been transcribed.

Thomas Gore Browne with his family and private secretary, 1859; Sir George Grey and Te Riwai Ropiha, Wanganui, 1862.

Māori policy remained the responsibility of the British-appointed Governor until 1863, even after the establishment of a settler government in 1856. McLean's success therefore depended very much on ensuring he had the support of the Governor, and to making himself as indispensable as possible to him. The two Governors he dealt with for most of his early career were Thomas Gore Browne (left), Governor from 1855 to 1861, and George Grey, Governor from 1847-1854 and from 1861-1864

Thomas Gore Browne with his family and private secretary, 1859. PA1-q-250-06.
Sir George Grey and Te Riwai Ropiha, Wanganui, 1862. PA2-2121
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