Series 3 - Donald McLean's Letter Books

Most of the letters in this series relate to McLean's earlier career. He kept the earliest letter book when he was Sub-Protector at Taranaki. Later letter books cover his other official roles, but also include some private letters.

A larger series of loose drafts and fragments of outwards letters comprises series 4.

There are 19 items in this series, of which 10 have been transcribed.

Draft letters, 23 November, 16 December 1844

The letters in this series and series 4 are a mix of the very routine, and those of much greater historical significance. These two pages from the letter book McLean kept as Sub-Protector of Aborigines are an example. On one side is a letter asking for more office stationery. On the other is the first page of his report into Māori land ownership at Waitara in Taranaki. Controversy over this land was to eventually lead to war in 1861.

Draft letters, 23 November, 16 December 1844
Protector of Aborigines, Taranaki - Letter book
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